Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I'm getting one of these for my niece. She just loves vaginas!

I love vaginas shirt
I love vaginas by Shirtuosity
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  1. Ok. That is just crazy! I could see an immature guy wearing this shirt to a bar if it was on a men's tee but a baby? That's insane.

  2. What? Its self appreciation of ones body. It actually looks adorable on a baby. Too adorable. Delicious even. Mmm, yeah, flat chest...

  3. Hey HAHA, Have you heard from BMTH yet? Apparently, they are none too happy with you. So sad, you being a fan and all. Love your facebook page! So inspired!

  4. Have to love how people not only come up with these "designs" but also spam them out on every freakin' piece of merchandise Zazzle makes. No wonder my sales are always so slow! I post ONE shirt instead of every one in the catalog in every possible color. *smirk*